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watching yourself being replaced by people better than you


yup this pretty much summarizes the last 4 months

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time for a 1:45am post, which is the CST version of a 2:30am post at school.

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when people say nice things about you


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No, I’d say the show does a great job of representing the typical 18-34 male with Larry, with his constant need for validation, attention, and the world to revolve around him.

not to mention Bennet’s quest to prove that he’s a man, Pornstache’s overcompensation that disguises his vulnerability, Healy’s struggle to make positive change that is frustrated by his need to be loved by a woman, and Caputo’s exploration of his desire to control the world around him and whether or not he wants to do that. men are quite accurately represented in the show, the only issue male viewers seem to have is that these men display the warped nature of man’s dominance, and the idea that their superiority is not perfect and noble is offensive.